Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Environment - Glacier Crash

Think I'm going to go say this one is finished.  

This is the first new environment I've added to my portfolio in over a year, and the beginning of a revamp of my work on there.  I definitely feel like I've improved since then.

This environment is based off a concept by Adam Brockbank.  

I had a lot of fun experimenting with DX11 features with this one, especially with the displaced Icicle deal.  Also made some nice looking displaced footprints in the snow.

I've already been spending the past few weeks thinking about what I want to work on next for a portfolio piece.  I'm going to jump right into another one today after work! 

Main Beauty Shot

Displaced Icicles on the 3 chains and steps in this shot.  Notice how none of the chains have the same icicle pattern.

I was really happy with how I got the snow to glimmer.  Bokeh DOF really pushes those specks as well.

Displaced Footprints.

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