Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas

I'm soooo excited that this DLC is finally out so I can show some screenshots!

On Saints Row IV, I pretty much only worked on props, but I got to take a stab at working with the Environments team for this one.

I worked almost exclusively on the North Pole level.  I was designated as the "point of contact" for the exterior portions of this mission, so I got to coordinate a little bit with the other Environment Artists, as well as keep up communication with design and programming.

There ended up being quite a few people who contributed to the North it was very much a group effort.  I worked with the mission designer to get the initial layout of the level done, and blocked out the majority of the level.  Then I helped figure out what kind of look we were going to go for, and did a small amount of prop work.  Then I spent the rest of the time mostly doing terrain work and set dressing, while making sure to keep integrating other artists' work into the level.

We all had a lot of fun on this DLC pack, and it was an incredible learning experience for me.

So now for the good stuff:

This is the entrance to the North Pole Village

This is the first thing you see after leaving the cave in the beginning of the mission.  Props to the Lighting and VFX team.  This wouldn't have looked nearly as good without them!

One of the sideroads in the North Pole Village.

Another side road.

This is the courtyard near Santa's Workshop.  Again, the Lighting team did an awesome job making the North Pole look very nightmarish here.  Poor rudolph.

Another shot of the courtyard area. 

A tiling wall rock wall sculpt used for some of the walls and gates in the North Pole.  

One of my favorite props, the Turdis.  Its a time travelling port-o-potty.