Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tiled Sculpts in ZBrush Using Offset SubTools

This is a quick description for how to tile SubTools in ZBrush.  It comes in pretty handy for making tiling textures and offers a non-destructive way to make tiled sculpts without using 2.5D.

While the 2.5D workflow that is commonly used for tiling textures in ZBrush is nice, it tends to be a destructive workflow.  Once SubTools are dropped to canvas, there is really no going back.  This method makes it possible to remain non destructive, so it would be easier to modify and rework the sculpt later.   That being said, this probably works better for sculpts that have fewer, larger subtools, since it takes longer to hand place SubTools, and performance can be more of an issue than with the 2.5D method.