Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jet Bike

Started working on this a while ago...finally decided to finish it up and move on.

This started out as a little group project I was doing with some of my coworkers.  We had toyed around with the idea of making a little game...or part of one at least.  We initially started out with the idea for a Jet Moto style game, but with customizable/upgradable bikes.  I came up with a unified template for the bikes and jet engines so that we could each swap them back and forth.  We could have the player pick a bike style, then select an engine...or start out with a base one and upgrade to better ones.

This fell through rather physics were a pain to set up, so once our coder quit..things fell apart.  I decided to follow through and at least finish a bike and jet.

I kept the theme of customization in mind.  Mainly, I kept in mind a way to pick your own bike colors/paint jobs and decals.  I ended up making a couple "paint job maps" that use the rgb channels as masks for the different colors of it:

Paint Job map

 I set up a master material in UDK that allowed instanced materials to pick a paint job map, then use a color picker for the different parts of it.  Also, If a matte paint is desired, dropping the reflection parameter down activates a few other parts of the material that helps the matte paint look nice.

Also added some different decals into the mix as well.

With all these things combined, I tested out the flexibility of the master material.  These were all made with material instances:

Sample Variations

This is what my Master Material looks like in UDK:

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